Sunday, September 6, 2015

Crumbles...Video Clip Mashups App....One of the Coolest Apps I Have Seen All Week!

A few months ago I shared a fun new website called Crumbles!  

This website takes clips from TV and movies to create a short video with a different clip from each word you type into the box.  For those words that are not supported, Crumble uses a computerized voice to generate the word in the video clip.  

You can read this post I wrote about Crumbles.....and even see what I created with it too. 

Well last week I was so excited to see something new from our friends who created Crumbles.  It is the Crumbles....Video Clip!  
 Just look at everything you can do with the Crumbles app....
And once again this awesome digital tool from ThirtyLabs is free. 

You can get the app in the App Store.

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