Monday, September 7, 2015

Mackin's Compendium App Just Became A Monthly Book Resource For All Of Us!

Every time I get an email from Mackin or see a tweet on Twitter about Mackin's Compendium app, I get so excited!  And this time around, there was even more to be excited about! 

What use to be a quarterly resource, is now a monthly professionally compiled collection of the most recent, highly reviewed PK-12 titles.  All selections have been pulled from the nation's acclaimed review sources listed below...
Within each issue, you will find titles and reviews for all age levels, including nonprint, professional and reference materials too.
It is really easy to shift those resources with the Compendium app.
And easy to add these to your Your Favorites list
You can not only read reviews for each title within Compendium, you can also find out all of the information you might need for ordering, reviewing and adding these titles to your collections.
I love when Mackin highlights special books, authors and features in the Compendium app too.  I tend to always look at these when I first head to the app.
Here are just a few more features of the Compendium app......and don't miss the Author Interviews. They are really great!   
 Go here to view the Fall 2015 issue online.
It is just as beautiful as the app!
 You can download the Compendium app for all three of these devices here.
At the bottom of the Compendium page on the Mackin website, you can view a quick video all about this amazing digital and print resource from our friends at Mackin Educational Resources.

Enjoy all of the terrific books you will find using the Compendium app....There is always something for everyone.

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