Thursday, September 3, 2015

Build A Reading Community For Your Kids In Biblionasium This Year!

As we go back-to-school, we look for ways to engage and connect our young people to reading and all of the wonderful books available to them. We want a place that makes them excited about sharing what they have read and a place to enjoy others recommendations as well.  And to personalize this reading and writing experience makes it even better....and something special children gain so much from. 

Well, look no further!  I have the perfect place for you and the students in your libraries, classrooms and school communities.  

It is called Biblionasium....A place to flex your reading muscles, just as the site states.
This video takes you on a quick tour of the website. 
As we know, it is essential that we all make reading part of our students everyday fun and with Biblionasium we can do just that.   
Our young readers can discover new books and read what others have shared with them through recommendations and book reviews.  They can earn digital badges by completing reading logs and the challenges they give them.

I love how Biblionasium can take the place of traditional reading logs and makes it so much fun for kids. 
Students can even build digital bookshelves of the books they have read, want to read, and those they are currently reading.  

It makes it easy by connecting our students and ourselves to current Top Picks such as Popular Series, Back to School, Book Prize Winners and Fun Books. 
Biblionasium makes reading fun by connecting them as readers to their classmates, teachers and parents.
They can even win prizes for completing reading logs and other things.  There is a winner each week.
Also, there are so many things that teacher librarians and teachers can do within Biblionasium!

Just look at what Coach Chip Manzee offers all of us...Manage Group Lists, Challenge Your Students, Reports and you can even Buy Books within Biblionasium.
We can inspire our students to discover new books and share the ones they have read through the reviews and recommendations.
I have set up challenges within Biblionasium for students and have always found it such a success.

It is easy as an educator to manage and monitor Reading Groups, Reading Lists and Reading Challenges.
 Teachers can also Send Messages, Run Reports, Set Goals, personalize a Parent Letter....
and find lots of wonderful Resources such as Notable Articles, Book Lists, Fun Stuff for Kids, and Reading Resources and Organizations.
And last but not least, just look at what Biblionasium brings to parents.
There are over 240,000 kids using Biblionasium in 33 nations around the world.  They have shelved almost 2 million books already!

As you can see, Biblionasium is a place that so many love!  I have two young people in my life who have stories to share about what Biblionasium means to them.
You can check out Meridan's Little Voice to read her post entitled Biblionasium Rocks....
and read how my son Hagan used Biblionasium with the eBooks he was reading within our MackinVIA.   
Educators, parents and most of can sign up today by visiting  

I can't wait to hear what the young people in your life think about the reading community that is built within this amazing place called Biblionasium.  I know it will make a difference for all of you too. 

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