Sunday, September 6, 2015

Get Your Students Moving This Year With GoNoodle!

I love finding libraries and classrooms with lots of noise, movement, creativity, and learning going on at all times.  It makes school such an engaging and exciting experience for our young people....and it makes being an educator so much more fun!

I have something to tell you about that will get your students moving all year long.  It is called GoNoodle!  And it is packed full of wonderful resources for teachers, parents, and most of all....our kids!

As the website states, GoNoodle helps teachers and parents get kids moving with short interactive activities. Desk-side movement helps kids achieve more by keeping them engaged and motivated throughout the day. It is designed for students in K-5th grade. 

It makes earning minutes of healthy activity a game that your kids play together.  Each class choose a Champ...a virtual mascot....who grows as the class earns the minutes needed to advance to the next level.  
All teachers need is a computer, broadband access, and a screen to project the GoNoodle site.  You can choose from 1-20 minute activities.  
You can set up each class or period throughout the day.  This way each class has their own game progress, Champ and rewards. 
When you click on one of your classes in the Dashboard, it takes you into a screen for that particular class.  At the top of the screen you will see Our Champ, Explore, Channels, and Categories.  There is also a Search feature on the right hand side. 
By clicking on Our Champ, 
each class can see how their Champ grows with each activity or video they participate in.  
It is really fun for them to see how their Champ grows the more they move.
There are lots of places to Explore within GoNoodle.  You can see all of the Newest in GoNoodle and even what is Coming Soon.  
At the bottom of this page you can find Maximo who brings you...
21 Stretching Activities to get flexible and stretch away your stress!  
Different Channels of videos can be looked through including Zumba Kids, Awesome Sauce, and even YouTube.
You can add these to your Favorites by clicking on the heart at the bottom of the video.
And Add YouTube Videos by adding the url to any YouTube video.  They are then stored within My Videos.  
They can search through Categories of different areas including My Favorites, Free Movement, Stretching, Coordination, and more. 
Through all of these places to find videos and activities for your students, I just know you will love what GoNoodle brings to them....just like the video above says! 
You can also check out the GoNoodle Inspiration blog for free energizing and calming activities.  I love reading how others are using GoNoodle within their libraries, classrooms and schools too.

There are tons of great resources available on the blog too....Check these out! 
 Champ Coloring Sheets,
 Desk Name Tags,
and Champ Door Decorations are a few of things you can find on the blog.  They are all free, easy to download and print, and...
all of which you can personalize for your own library and classroom too.  
When introducing GoNoodle to your students, parents, and other teachers within your school, they have included this great video called GoNoodle 101
 You can invite parents and kids to even play at home by downloading this PDF....
and printing it off to send home with all of them.
They also make it very easy to spread the GoNoodle love....
by sharing it through a link or by connecting with them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. 

I can't wait to hear fun GoNoodle brings to all of you this year.  With a resource like this, we all have a wonderful reason to keep moving, learning, and having fun.  

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