Monday, September 7, 2015

Pinterest....Such A Creative, Engaging and Fun Way To Be Connected!

Last week my daughter Brianna...
who is the new Co-Director of Creative Projects and Bookings for The Library Voice, along with being a Beachbody Coach and college student, and I kicked off a new project called 12 Ways To Be Connected As A Teacher, Librarian, Learner and Person. 
We brainstormed a list of 12 ways to be connected....
and created a Smore that we will be adding to throughout this project.
Today we are going to start with Pinterest.

As you can read above from our Smore...

Pinterest is a visual social bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas.  It is perfect to use in the library and classroom because of all the ideas you can gather...and the way you can curate the ideas you find and your ideas too.

Learners can use Pinterest to share and publish digital work...and search for what others have pinned on walls.
Pinterest Analytics is great to use to help see what people like about your profile and what they save from your website. Pinterest Analytics also allows you to see data about your audience and what they want out of your profile.

You get to see how many daily impressions your profile makes, how much activity your website is getting and information about your audience. It also allows you to see your top pin impressions and what pins people really like.

To learn more about how to make your Pinterest profile interesting and engaging for viewers use Pinterest Analytics.  

Brianna and I love to create and pin together in Pinterest. Brianna is quit the Pinterest user.  She has taught be so much for using Pinterest too. 
She has been actively pinning, sharing, and curating resources for several years.  She uses her iPhone and laptop with Pinterest but it isn't rare for me to find her on her iPhone pinning away. 

We have Public Pinterest Walls about books, libraries, Makerspaces, technology projects, library spaces, special events, publishers, cooking, digital tools, apps, librarians, coding, education, and so much more!     
We love the collaborative choices of Pinterest. You can share a wall with someone else to make them a Collaborator. This gives them access to the wall and lets the pinning begin.

When you Create A Board, this is one of the options at the bottom of that window.  

And as you can see customize your boards by selecting location, category, and adding a description.  
Brianna and I LOVE the Pinterest Messages!  You can now send messages to any of your friends. 
Watch this little video to learn all about Messages
Here is an example of how handy it is!

I found something I wanted Brianna to pin in our Pinterest.....A post all about Chapter Book Series for 1st-3rd Graders. I clicked on it and pushed Send. 
It brought up the Message window that allowed me to Add A Message.  Brianna will then receive this in her app and email.  
Within Pinterest, you can also create Secret Pinterest Walls
which is at the bottom of that box, as you can see in the picture above.

Once your Boards are created, you can always go back in to edit those descriptive features, make the board Secret, and add Collaborators.  
You can also follow others within Pinterest....and they can follow you or even just particular boards. Pinterest gives you options to Find Friends, Invite Friends, and search for friends, topics or boards. 

I love searching the Pinterest accounts of publishers, organizations, schools, librarians, and others. Here are a few of my favorites...
Cantata Learning...
Junior Library Guild...
And look how easy it is to search a topic such as Teacher Librarians!  It gave me tons of Pins to look through and ideas on more board and people to follow.  
With Pinterest being one of those places we can get connected, it is important to tell others how to connect with you.  Pinterest makes it easy to embed a Pinterest Widget to your site.
Underneath Profile, I was able to Make a Widget and take that embed code to add to the side of my blog. 
I love how the Pinterest Widget looks on my blog and how they different walls and pins are so easy to see.  

The possibilities for connecting, sharing, learning, and creating are endless on Pinterest.  We can't wait to hear how you use it for your libraries, classrooms, schools, businesses, and personal connections too.  
Next, Brianna and I will be talking about Twitter and how it is one of the best tools and places to get connected.  

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