Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Let's Celebrate Earth Day With Virtual StickTogether Sticker Boards and Posters!

This week we are celebrating Earth Day through lots of engaging, meaningful and fun activities outside and inside with nature, reading, creating and technology. 

One of the ways we are being creative and using technology during these Earth Day celebrations is through collaborative StickTogether activities! 

Our students love working on the StickTogether sticker posters together and this week they are creating...
...two different ones perfect for Earth Day, I Love The Earth and The World We Share. 
They also love collaborating on the virtual StickTogether sticker boards, which allows all students to collaborate together virtually as they create a surprise image. 
There are three in the virtual sticker board gallery that are perfect for Earth Day. Lots of our teachers are setting these up this week for our students to complete together during our celebrations. 
To celebrate with all of you, our friends at StickTogether have created a special virtual sticker board for all of us to do together! 

Let's all go to this link and start adding stickers to see what the surprise Earth Day image will be.

And when our virtual sticker board is complete, there will be a message containing a code for 10 FREE virtual sticker boards to use with your students and teachers too. This code will expire on April 21, 2022 at 12:00pm CST. 

Have fun, friends. I can't wait to complete this with all of you!  Happy Earth Day! 

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