Wednesday, April 6, 2022

A NEW Way To Use Leftover StickTogether Stickers By Creating Your Own Pixels Art & Grids!


Our friends at StickTogether have created something super fun to use with all of the... 

...leftover stickers from our poster kits. 
We can now make our own Pixel Art!  Here is how it works.
First, go to StickTogether's Pixel Art site here. You can select Vertical or Horizontal. 
Next, start filling in the grid by...
...clicking on a color and then clicking on the grid to fill in the pixel squares. 
You do this until your grid is completely filled with your design. You can give it a Name too. 
It's now time to click on Generate PDF's to download a PDF of your image. 
Once you click on Generate PDF's, it will ask you if you'd like to submit this image. You can click on Confirm and then...
You can then print the downloaded grid that you created.  It will not show the colored tiles like the image you just created. Instead, it will show the letter of the colored sticker that you will need to complete the image you created. 
The StickTogether Color Key found here will help you find the colored stickers needed to complete your grid.
Then all you have to do is grab the leftover stickers...
... and start filling in your grid. 
With so many of our classes learning about plants and flowers this month, I am going to do this new StickTogether project with them to create a whole garden of StickTogether originals. 
I put together a choice board with Capstone Interactive eBooks and PebbleGo for them to research and find flowers.  It also has a place to get to the StickTogether Pixel Art tool too. 

We will show you our StickTogether Garden at Van Meter soon, friends. 

In the meantime, just think of all the ways you can use this amazing new project with your kids too. 
You can find out more about StickTogether here on their site

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