Monday, April 4, 2022

Look How We Kicked Off PebbleGo Create With Our 2nd Grade Researchers!


We have some very exciting news here at Van Meter this week.  We are kicking off PebbleGo Create and our students and teachers couldn't be more excited about this new addition to our learning, reading, creating, sharing and more. 

As shared on the PebbleGo Create site

Unleash your K-5 students’ creativity with PebbleGo Create, an all-new tool that can be added to any PebbleGo subscription. PebbleGo Create is an intuitive digital workspace for students to demonstrate learning and share their knowledge from PebbleGo. By pairing student-centered active learning with engaging curriculum-connected content, students can retain more essential concepts core to academic success.

So, today my colleague and friend, Tracy Ferguson and I, teamed up to give PebbleGo Create a try with her amazing 2nd graders. 

With their science curriculum currently focusing on plants, we had them go to Plants in PebbleGo where they could research Plant Classification, Plant Habitats, Plant Parts and What Are Plants?  
They had a choice about what they wanted to research within any of these categories and articles. 
This research lead them to all kinds of learning, discovery and excitement as they read and learned new things about plants including Polar Plants,
What are plants?, 
Mosses and so much more. 
Here is where PebbleGo Create comes into the learning and research taking place. 
Now, at the bottom of our PebbleGo (and PebbleGo Next), there is a NEW button that says Create.  I love how Capstone made Create part of PebbleGo where the students are researching and finding excitement around what they are learning and discovering. 
When Create is clicked, a window pops up which gives students three options...New Buncee, Activity and My Buncees.  For our time together with the 2nd graders, we used the Activity option. 
The Activity button opens up into this page or template that says Show and Tell. 
It gives our learners a great place to show what they know through stickers, animations, images, drawings and more, while also giving them a place to tell what they know through text, voice, video and more.

Within this page, they can use the following Tools to bring their learning to life... unique, exciting and special ways.  
As I watched the 2nd graders use PebbleGo Create, I loved watching how they showed their learning about plants through web images, 
and more. 
One of the best parts of PebbleGo Create is how each one is different, giving our students a place to shine in their own unique ways. 
And as you can see from these photos, our first time using PebbleGo Create was a big success...
...putting smiles on their faces as they learned, research and shared in new ways.  

Our 2nd graders will finish their creations and we will stitch them together into one big eBooks about plants to share with our 1st graders who are currently learning about plants too. I will be sharing that soon, friends.  

What an amazing new way to celebrate learning! 

To find out more about the PebbleGo Create add-on, you can go to the Capstone site here.

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