Saturday, April 23, 2022

Let's Celebrate Star Wars Day With This Choice Board For Creating, Exploring, Learning, Coding, & Fun!


It's almost time for one of our favorite days coming up on May the 4th....Star Wars Day! 

On this day, there are lots of exciting, educational, creative and fun ways to celebrate.  We tie in lots of STEAM, art, coding, reading and learning online to this day and throughout the week. 

To start our celebration, I have created a NEW choice board....Let's Celebrate Star Wars Day With This Choice Board. 
In this version, I have added the space and planets articles from... 
...PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next so our students can research and learn about these topics for Star Wars Day. 
With the information they learn from PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next, students can then go to Buncee to create their very own May the 4th Be With You Buncee story or poster.  
There are tons of space related stickers, animations and backgrounds to choose from in Buncee by Capstone. I uploaded a few I found online to use and they can even turn themselves into an astronaut like Buncee Man. 

You will find the version with PebbleGo and Buncee by Capstone to share with students here.  You can make edits to this choice board here 

The second version includes five different Star Wars games from Disney and LEGO at the bottom of the choice board.  You will find this version to share with students here.  You can make edits to this choice board here. 

In addition to the choice boards, we are going to set up different stations and activities for our students.  Here are some of the resources we are going to use.  
The Anthony Herrera Designs site has amazing Star Wars Snowflakes. 
You can download the snowflake patterns so students can create their own.  You will find the site here.

The Star Wars Day May The 4th Be With You site has lots of special resources and information too. You can visit it here
I love the cooking and...
...craft activities.  
And this Star Wars Day Activity Kit is packed full of games, recipes and more!  You will find it here.

I hope you have fun planning a Star Wars Day Celebration for your community.  I can't wait to see what you and your students have planned. 

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