Wednesday, March 30, 2022

The Power of the School Librarian....A Wonderful Infographic & Information For School Library Month!


April is School Library Month and a time for us to celebrate, share and educate others about the importance and impact of school librarians and libraries. 

When preparing for this special month, I am using this wonderful infographic created by our friends at Capstone.  I just LOVE everything that The Power of the School Librarian contains.  

It's perfect to print off to post in your library and throughout the school community; to include in your newsletter or yearly report; to share with school board members and administrators; to share with your teachers and families; to post on your social media; to add to your website and so much more.  
This infographic is part of this AMAZING page We Love Librarians on the Capstone site. It includes lots of valuable information and resources that will be helpful in your journey and advocacy efforts. 

And you will find more information on AASL's School Library Month here

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