Monday, March 21, 2022

Read About The "Book n' Bead Program".... A Special and Fun Way To Support Reading and Writing Using Biblionasium!

I am always looking for special ideas to inspire our readers within the library and classrooms.  

When I read this new Biblionasium Case Study about teacher, Laura Franz, and what she does to inspire her 4th grade readers, I instantly wanted to know more about their Book n' Beads program and how Laura inspires and encourages her students through the amazing reading community she has created within the classroom and by using Biblionasium. 
As students write and add book reviews in Biblionasium, they earn different beads to add to their Books n' Beads necklaces. I love how the beads are differentiated based on the different genres they are reading. 

After they earn 50 beads, which is 50 book reviews in Biblionasium, they can adopt-a-pet, which is a special beanie animal they get to take home.  How cute is that! 

Laura's story made me think about the ways we already love using Biblionasium and how we can integrate it with special new reading and writing initiatives within our school community.  Biblionasium is such a wonderful way to build and foster effective and exciting literacy programs in so many different ways. 

I know it will give you lots of ideas too. 

You will find this Biblionasium Case Study here.

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