Friday, March 4, 2022

Students Bring Learning & Creativity To Life With The NEW PebbleGo Create!


Two of my favorite digital resources and tools are PebbleGo and Buncee.  When Buncee became part of PebbleGo a few months ago, I was sooooo excited!  It is a dream come true! 
PebbleGo Create is the perfect digital tool for so many things and one that will bring learning and creativity to life. 

With everyone wondering what it is and how it works, I wanted to write a blog post to tell you more and share how we are using it at our school. 

Let me show you, friends! 
Once your school has PebbleGo Create, you will see a NEW button at the bottom of the screen that says Create.  This can be found in every article within PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next. 
When you click on Create, it will open up the PebbleGo Create screen that gives you three choices....New Buncee, Activity and My Buncees. 
The New Buncee will open up the Buncee screen so you can create one from scratch, 
adding all of the personalized elements. 
The Activity will open up.... PebbleGo activity sheet asking students to Show and Tell what they learned in a specific PebbleGo or PebbleGo Next article.  I LOVE how it even puts the title at the top according to what article it is on.  

If students were in the PebbleGo Pigs article, PebbleGo Pigs would be added, as shown in the image above. 

The tools within New Buncee and Activity are the same.  These are located down the right hand side of Buncee.  Capstone has made them very easy and intuitive for every student to understand and be successful in the creation process. 

They can add Text, Shapes, Drawing, 
Animations, Stickers, Emojis and Web Images. 
They can also Upload personalized content, Record Videos, and Take Photos. 

And the QR Code creates a QR Code specific to that Buncee and adds it to the Buncee.  When scanned, it takes anyone straight to that Buncee where everything can be viewed. This is the perfect little addition for sharing with families, hanging up downloaded Buncees in the hallway and so much more. 
The Search button at the top of that menu of buttons down the right hand side is also very helpful. When you search a word, 
it pulls up everything associated with that specific word within Buncee.  
When I searched Pig I was able to find the perfect pig sticker to add to the corn sticker and text.          
Students can add their voice to any sticker or animation by clicking on....
...the Link button at the bottom, 
Record Video and Take a Photo. 

They really enjoy these choices in Buncee. It helps them articulate their learning in meaningful and personalized ways.  It is very fun for them to share this way as well. 
When the Buncee Activity is complete, it can be downloaded or shared electronically like this. 
The same features can be found when creating a New Buncee but instead of the Show and Tell template, students will choose their own Background, 
Stickers, Animations and other elements to create the perfect Buncee. 
Here is an example of adding the QR Code.  
I also love how easy it for students to share their Buncees in a few different ways.  They can be shared with a link, downloaded and my favorite way....
....Shared To A Buncee Board. 

A teacher will create a Buncee Board, give the link to the Buncee Board with the students, the students type in the Board Share Code and it automatically.... added to that specific Buncee Board.  

The great thing about this sharing method is that all of the Buncee's are then located in one spot for students, teachers and others to view and give positive feedback.  It's a wonderful way to curate student learning and creating throughout the year. 
And in My Buncees, all of the Buncees created within that individual student account are shown.
You can learn more about PebbleGo Create here on the Capstone site
I did a webinar with my friends at Capstone called Unleash Your K-5 Students' Creativity that you can watch here
You will also find this new blog post How Teachers Can Harness the Power of Creativity with PebbleGo Create here. 

As you can see, PebbleGo and PebbleGo Create is a one stop shop for learning, reading, creating, sharing and so much more!  I hope you check it out today, friends. 

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