Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Don't Miss My Upcoming Follett March Webinar, Marketing Your Library...Creative Ways To Share Your Awesomeness!


I am so excited to share that the registration is open for my upcoming Follett Community webinar, Marketing Your Library...Creative Ways To Share Your Awesomeness! 

You can join us on March 24, 2022 at 4:00pm CST for this exciting hour of learning, sharing and fun. 

As shared online, 

Now is the time for librarians to lead, and leadership takes strategy and courage! As you look for innovative ways to share the story and voice of your library – including the voice of your students – with the rest of your school and district, you’ll uncover allies and skills you didn’t realize you possess. With creative advocacy and branding, you can bring your library story to life while leading within your school community and throughout the world like never before. 

In this motivating and lively session, Shannon McClintock Miller will share advocacy and branding ideas and strategies designed to empower you to share your own library story, goals, and vision in memorable, effective, and valuable ways. Miller discusses the why and the how of library advocacy and branding, all while exploring her own journey and what’s worked in her library and district. She’ll share specific resources and examples you can use to help communicate your story. 

In this webinar, you learn:

  • The importance of sharing the story and work of your library program
  • What it means to create a brand and marketing plan for your library program
  • Various creative tools and methods to share your awesomeness
  • New knowledge and tools to advocate for and successfully brand your library program - within your community and throughout the world
  • How to bring the voices of your students into the mix, too
You can register for the FREE webinar here, friends.  

And don't will be recorded, along with all of the resources shared during the webinar, and shared with all of you. 

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