Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Surviving Censorship....This Week's Future Ready Librarians® Podcast!


It's time for the latest episode from Season 4 of the Leading from the Library Future Ready Librarians® Podcast series.

For this one, I caught up with high school librarian, Martha Hickson @sassy_librarian, a book challenge veteran, as she shares her experience and advice around this important and timely topic in Surviving Censorship.
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During this podcast, Martha mentioned these three different resources:


Advocacy Alliance Brainstorm Tool

SLJ Article 

The special Future Ready Librarians® Shout Out went out to K.C. Boyd and...
...the Future Ready Librarians® Share mentioned the FRL Conversation Starter. You can learn more about both in the podcast.
You will also find the Certificate of Completion for participation in 30 minutes of professional learning for listening to the Surviving Censorship podcast episode here

And don't forget to check out all of our past podcasts on the Leading from the Library site.

There is definitely something for everyone. I always learn so much and come away inspired from our guests and the conversations.

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