Wednesday, May 5, 2021

We Opened "The Van Meter School Stick Together Gallery" This Week! What A Hit!


Our students and teachers at Van Meter have been having such a fun time working together on lots of different Stick Together posters this spring.  
We love the collaboration and community that Stick Together posters bring to our library and classrooms, and even to our homes.  Not to mention how proud and excited our students are after they have finished one of the posters.  

With all of these sticker posters being completed, we knew there needed to be a special new place to display them, along with pictures of who worked on them.  
So this week, we officially opened The Van Meter School Stick Together Gallery. This is located in a long hallway outside of our library where lots of people walk through every day. 
Diana and I started by hanging up the Stick Together posters that were completed over the last month. 
For a little pop of color, we cut up blocks of construction paper to make it look like the stickers they use on the posters and stapled them up behind the Stick Together posters. 
That was just what they needed.  
We love how they look on the background of giant sticker squares. 
Next, we needed a big sign above the long bulletin board.  I created this graphic and uploaded it into...
...The Rasterbator site which takes an images and makes it into any size poster you want.  
It downloads and you print it onto multiple pieces of paper. 
Diana and I cut out the pages and taped them all together.  She then laminated the poster to make it last a long time. 
I also took pictures from the classes and... who created the Stick Together posters and turned them into Polaroid looking images with PicMonkey.  I made sure to add who they were created by, just like in a real gallery of art. 

I printed them off on card stock, cut them out...
...and hung them by the Stick Together posters.   

When they saw their posters and pictures, they were all very excited. 

We can't wait to add more to our Stick Together Gallery.  In fact, right now they are working on our special Capstone #ReadingIfForEveryone Stick Together poster in the library and...
...and a giant Stick Together poster upstairs in the 5th grade.  

I won't tell you what they are...You will have to check back into The Van Meter Stick Together Gallery to find out!  
To learn more about the Stick Together posters and virtual sticker boards, you can visit their site here.

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