Saturday, May 29, 2021

Our Ozobots Traveled To Their New School At Kindergarten Round Up!

Our kindergarten round up was last week at school.  The teachers invited me to come and do a little lesson to introduce myself and get to know our incoming students. 

I thought it would be fun to bring the Ozobots.  Since it would be their first time using the tiny robots, I used a marker to make and code a path for the Ozobot to follow. 

I went into Buncee and created a sheet with a school sticker in the center.  
I added a tiny flag with the Van Meter Bulldogs logo to make it look like our school. 
I downloaded the Buncee and printed it on white paper.  This would be their map. 
I took a blue marker and made a circle.  This would be their "home" the Ozobot would leave from.  
Then I took a black marker and drew a path from the blue dot to the school.  
The Ozobot would follow the path and go to school, just like our incoming TK and kindergarten students. 
We loved watching their little wheels turning... they watched the Ozobot....
...and helped it along the way to school. 
They were excited to talk about what was happening and...
... tried to figure out what would happen if they turned it around or...
...mixed up other combinations together. 
By the end of our 15 minutes together, they were working together to put together new routes and were asking...
...Do we get to use the Ozobots next year too?  
As they were working, I thought of an idea....a way to kick off their first week of school in the fall. 

During that first week, I will come back with blank maps.  This time, they will draw their own house and a route to school with the markers. 
We can even connect the special back-to-school and first day books from our first You've Been Book'd we have planned. 

That will be such a special way to celebrate their first week of school and a wonderful way to kick off their interest in robotics right from the start!  

You will find the Buncee template that I used here

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