Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Using Special Bookmarks To Share and Promote Our Virtual Summer Camp Adventure! You Will Find What You Need Here, Friends.

I got an extra special package today!  It's the bookmarks to promote our summer reading and learning program, Our Virtual Camp Adventure.  

You can read all about this special FREE summer event for all students and families here.  A BIG thanks to our friends at Capstone and Buncee for hosting this with me. 

I love marketing and sharing special events and information with super cute and fun bookmarks.  It is a great way for our students to have the information they need at their fingertips all summer long.  

And all kids love bookmarks!  
As you can see, I have included the short URL, capstonepub.com/camp, and QR code on the bookmark, 
along with the schedule and themes for the 12 weeks. 

You will find this bookmark here in Buncee

These are 2 x 6 inches which makes them the perfect size for where I order all of my bookmarks from...
...Overnight Prints.  At this link on Overnight Prints, you will find the place to upload and order your bookmarks. 

My friend, Gabby, from Buncee, also created lots of amazing posters, parent letters and bookmarks for us to choose from as we get ready to kick off Our Virtual Camp Adventures in your school community. 
On the Virtual Camp Adventure Buncee Board found here, you will find the posters, bookmarks, family letter templates and lots of different templates for our Virtual Camp Adventures Buncee Challenges that I will share more about in an upcoming post.  
Tomorrow is our last day of school.  I will be sharing the parent letter and bookmark with all of our students as I pop into their room to remind them about Our Virtual Camp Adventure. 

They can't wait for Our Virtual Camp Adventure to open up in the next few days.  We can't wait to see what they read, learn, create and more all summer long. 

Oh, and one more thing.  We will be picking several of YOU to send bookmarks to as you share this with your students and families.  

To enter, please tag me at @shannonmmiller and @capstonepub @buncee and let us know that you and your students are participating this summer.  You can include #virtualcampadventure too. 

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