Friday, May 14, 2021

Creating Virtual StickTogether Galleries With Padlet For Our Virtual Stickerboards and Family Summer Posters!

We love showing off our StickTogether Posters in the new Van Meter School StickTogether Gallery. 
In fact, this week we added two more completed posters to our gallery which is right outside of the school library.
You can read all about the gallery here in this post
We also LOVE working on the virtual stickerboards that are NEW from our friends at StickTogether.  

With the virtual stickerboards, students, teachers and even family members can collaborate and create stickerboards together virtually.  There are lots of designs and new ones all the time.  You can read all about the virtual stickerboards here.
In fact, our students have even contributed original art work for virtual stickerboards created for...
...Dot Day, 
St. Patrick's Day and other special celebrations and projects. 
We even worked with StickTogether to create a virtual stickerboard of our Van Meter Bulldog mascot! That was a lot of fun and our kids LOVED seeing the Van Meter Bulldog revealed at the end. 

Today, as I was looking through all of the virtual stickerboards we have done this year, I thought it would also be fun to create a place to show these off like we did with our posters. 
So, I created The Van Meter School StickTogether Virtual Stickerboard Gallery!  
I created this in Padlet, adding the completed virtual stickerboards and who completed them on the top. You can check it out here
And after kicking off our first Van Meter School Library StickTogether Fundraiser today, I also had the idea to create a place for our families to share all of the amazing posters they were creating together at home this summer. 

I did this with Padlet too!  I created The Van Meter School 2021 Summer StickTogether Gallery where our families can upload photos of their children and families with the completed posters they purchase through our fundraiser.  

When I shared that today on our library social media sites, families were excited to have a place to post and can't wait to get their StickTogether posters for a special way to collaborate, create and have fun with their children this summer. 

You can follow along here with the Van Meter School 2021 Summer StickTogether Gallery Padlet to see all of the amazing StickTogether posters our students and families put together throughout the summer. 

StickTogether definitely brings us together in special and unique ways.  I am excited to give these beautiful creations a place, physically and virtually, to be shared and seen. 

It's one more special way to celebrate the creativity and community StickTogether brings to us all. 

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