Sunday, September 13, 2020

The Super Fun #BeWhoYouAreDay Packet Is Here!

On September 30 we will be celebrating the very first #BeWhoYouAreDay with author and illustrator Todd Parr.  

I shared about this awesome event in this blog post where you can find a Google Doc to make connections and find the Skype in the Classroom event on that day. 

I want to share another post for this very special #BeWhoYouAreDay packet from Todd and Little Brown Young Readers.  In the packet, you will find a note from Todd with...

 ..a checklist for everything we can do to celebrate #BeWhoYouAreDay.  I love all of these ideas including..

...registering for the Skype in the Classroom event, watch the Todd Talks videos, enter the sweepstakes for the day, encourage our young readers to express themselves on the coloring sheets Todd created and more. 

This adorable certificate for the Skype in the Classroom event will be so much fun to print off and give our students and they will really enjoy...

 ..the #BeWhoYouAreDay coloring sheets too. 

These will be easy to print off to send home with your virtual learners or share the link so they can print at home too. 

You will find the #BeWhoYouAreDay Kit here.

We can't wait to celebrate with our school community and all of you! 

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