Thursday, September 17, 2020

#AllBooksForAllKids...A Special New Place To Support All Readers

I have a favorite new site I am excited to share. It is called #AllBooksForAllKids!

Our friends at Follett, have created this special new space for us, as librarians, educators, families and champions of reading and literacy, to encourage all students in their journey of becoming lifelong learners and readers.

As shared on the front page of the #AllBooksForAllKids site, part of #AllBooksForAllKids means making sure all students have access to books. It’s our mission to help put books into the hands of all students.
When students have a choice in what they read, it leads to a generation of enthusiastic readers and a hunger for learning. Building a lifelong love for reading starts with choice, so let’s empower students to take ownership in what they read.
It doesn’t matter what they read, or how they read it. Whether a student picks up a graphic novel, listens to a novel in verse audiobook, or reads an article from a database, #AllBooksForAllKids is about seeing students’ faces light up because they’re reading and learning about the topics that interest them.

At the top of the page, you will find several pages.  The first, Just Read includes lots of highlights including...
...timely and important book lists and..
..informative webinars from leaders within our field.
Under the tab, Hear From Authors, you will find the Behind the Book interviews and Author Takeovers are also included here and these are always a favorite to share...
 ..with our readers and teachers as they connect... our favorite authors and the books they write.
The next tab, Resources for Educators, includes so many ideas fun idea around reading and learning like...
 ...Sketchnotes and...
 You can find inspiring blog posts and webinars around important reading and learning topics, and... of my favorite things about #AllBooksForAllKids, these amazing free downloads for spreading the love of reading.
There are lots of ways how we can partner with Follett to get students reading including Follett Book eFairs, Destiny Discover, Collections and more.
To read about all of these ideas and more, you can stay connected by going here. I love getting little updates and I know that you will find this informative and helpful too. 

And the main #AllBooksForAllKids can be found here, friends.  

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