Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Dot Day Virtual StickTogether Stickerboards Created By Our Students.... And Yours Can Be Featured Too!

One of our favorite projects to do during Dot Day is to have all of our students create their own dot.  We usually use coffee filters but this year we are using...
...paper coasters, which I ordered on Amazon.  
These little coasters are giving our students such a wonderful place to create.... 
...their very own special little dot full of...
 ...beautiful designs...
...and colors.
Each sharing a unique story.

We are creating a beautiful display of our students dots but we are also excited that we will be able to enjoy and use them virtually as we celebrate Dot Day.
Our friends at StickTogether have taken their dots and made them into four very special virtual stickerboards.
You will find the Virtual StickTogether stickersboards here, where you can get your free one to do with your students and community. 

On the site, there are several different stickerboards to choose from including Dots Dots Dots 1, 
 Dots Dots Dots 2,
 Dots Dots Dots 3 and...
 ...Dots Dots Dots 4.
 When you select a stickerboard, you give the project a title and your name.
It is then ready to share with your school community.  

I can't wait to share these with my students so they can work on creating the dots together. You will find them there to share with your students too. 

And guess what?   StickTogether wants to make three more with other student dot art.  If you want to include your students in a special stickerboard, please share their work with me at shannonmcclintockmiller@gmail.com.  

We will choose three to be created and posted in the next week.  

Happy Dot Day, everyone!  

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