Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Bring Dots To Life With Augmented Reality and Quiver!

One of my favorite things to do with our students at the beginning of the year are Quiver coloring sheets to introduce augmented reality while using the iPads to bring their coloring and creations to life. It is a wonderful activity for our littles! 
And with Dot Day only 7 days away, the Dot Day Quiver sheet is perfect!  
You can find it here on the Quiver site.  Just download and print one off for each student to color with markers or crayons, staying within the lines of the dot. 
After the coloring sheet is complete, students take their iPad and...
...open the Quiver app found here. 
When they scan their colored dot, it comes to life through augmented reality.  
 They love being able to move their dot around and...
 ...see the dot they created.
 And as a teacher and librarian, it is the best to watch...
...the excitement...
 ...in their eyes as they bring their dot to life.

This is an activity that can easily be shared with students at home too.  You can find the Dot Day Quiver coloring sheet and more here

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