Wednesday, October 10, 2018

We Are Reading For The Record On October 25....Are You? Sign Up Here, Friends.

On October 25, 2018, we will celebrate Read for the Record with others around the world! This is sponsored by Jumpstart and is a very special way to support early literacy for every child. 

One of the best part is that each year a wonderful book is picked for all of us to share and this year the book is...
Maybe Something Beautiful by Isabel Campoy and Theresa Howell. I was so happy to see this was going to be the book we celebrate by reading together with others within our community and in communities everywhere. 
You can read how to participate on Jumpstart's site here.
They have created an amazing activities and resources toolkit too. You will find it here
It includes a detailed Activity Guide for Classrooms, 

certificates of participation for your World Record Readers and more. 
The activity I just love is the Create Your Own Mural Template.  
The mural, along with the bird template, are perfect for us as we are planning a couple mural projects at Van Meter too.  
As you plan and get ready for Read for the Record, think about other books that you could include too. 

I started a Padlet to crowdsource this list, as others will find it helpful and will have ideas too.  You will find the Picture Books About Art, Murals and Artists Padlet here.
The first one I added was Maybe Something Beautiful...How Art Transformed a Neighborhood. The website that goes along with this one is amazing! 

Please add your ideas too! 

I hope you join us and so many others as we lift up all readers and celebrate literacy on Read for the Record Day! 

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