Saturday, October 6, 2018

The Children's 10 Rights to Read...Let's Support Our Readers Today!

Have you seen the Children's Rights to Read from the International Literacy Association
I have the 10 rights hanging up and look at it as a reminder that every child deserves these fundamental rights on a daily basis.

The rights were developed by a task force from around the world, which was appointed by the ILA Board of Directors. Their task was to develop a worldwide campaign around children's rights to read and what needs to be done to ensure they take place.
In The Case for Children's Rights to Read, the International Literacy Association shares, 

The International Literacy Association (ILA) believes in literacy’s power to transform lives. It is at the heart of the organization’s mission. Literacy allows people to develop their potential, earn their livelihoods, and participate fully in their communities and society. It is the thread that connects us to one another. It is the basis of who we are and how we live. 

In The Case for Children’s Rights to Read, we offer a glimpse into how and why we selected each of the 10 rights. We’ve included a reference list of the literature we drew upon when crafting the rights and recommend reviewing these resources for yourself. 

As literacy educators, we are responsible for delivering on the promise inherent in these rights. Whether we are working in the classroom or preparing the next generation of teachers, we have a responsibility for every student entrusted to our care. We must enact these rights in classrooms and schools and work with others to ensure the same in homes, communities, governments, and societies.
I encourage you to visit the Children's Rights to Read site today.  

It gives you the opportunity to sign and support the pledge, download the Children's Rights to Read, order the poster and more. 

Share this with the teachers, librarians, families and friends in your life. Every child deserves the right to read and together we can make a difference for our readers today and in the future. 

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