Thursday, October 18, 2018

Connect, Learn & Collaborate With The NEW Follett Community!

Our friends at Follett have some big news to share. 

The new Follett Community is here!

Follett Community is a special new place for all of us to Connect, Learn and Collaborate

By combining Follett Community with Resource Center, we can now get all of the support we need, while making sure we are part of valuable conversations and learning too. 

And of course, just as Follett Community provided webinars, chats with other librarians and educators, meaningful blog posts and more, the NEW Follett Community will include these things and even more.
One of my favorite parts are all of the Follett Community Groups we can join.  You will find these by clicking on See All Discussions, 
 which will bring up a list which will allow you to click on and join. 
I am really excited to share that I have a new group in Follett Community too.  Once you are logged into Follett Community, you can click here to join. 

I can't wait to share my knowledge to help you and the libraries and children you serve.  

Join Follett Community here and get connected with this amazing place for connecting, learning, conversations, learning and so much more! 

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