Saturday, October 6, 2018

Barbie + Tynker Bring Us Robotic Engineers!

When I got home from school on Thursday, there was a giant cardboard box waiting at the door.  I couldn't imagine what was inside. 

I opened it up to find a big white box with Barbie + Tynker across the top. 
Inside the box were the coolest Barbies!  There were four of the NEW Barbie Robotics Engineers....
....with a special card from Mattel

The card said, 
With only 12% of engineers being female today, we hope to inspire more girls into this field through Barbie both on and offline.  Barbie is not only encouraging girls to explore STEM through imaginative play with Robotics Engineer Barbie, but also learn real coding skills through a partnership with Tynker.  
Tynker, the number one game-base platform, has helped more than 60 million kids learn to code in a fun and engaging way.  With the Tynker Barbie programming, we are hoping to introduce 1 million girls to coding throughout corses alone. 
I couldn't wait to bring these to school to share with our students in the library and Makerspace. 
With the Robotics Engineers tying into building, exploring, creating, problem-solving, teamwork and of course, coding, these would be the perfect addition. 
As would Barbie Coding from Tynker.  
I went to to find out more! 
Barbie teamed up with Tynker to introduce girls, and boys, to coding. 
They will learn basic programming concepts with six free fun, easy-to-use lessons.
You can learn more about this wonderful partnership here

Thank you to my friends at Mattel for sharing such a special gift.  I can't wait to share these with the students at Van Meter.  I know they will inspire you! 
Make sure you check out Barbie Pet Vet from Tynker too. 

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