Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Rubber Chickens, Puppets, Fake Noses, and Mustaches In The Library For Dot Day!?!?!

I know, I know......Just as Sam's tweet confirmed what was happening in the library.  We have had rubber chickens, puppets, fake noses, mustaches, and a whole lot of other FUNNY in the library too this week for our Dot Day Celebrations.

With all this FUN and a little photo booth it was one more way the kids could make their mark on the world and be themselves.
One morning last week I texted Diana and asked her what she thought about having a Dot Day Photo Booth.  She loved the idea and quickly started to created one with the help of our creative students.  
They had been creating their very own dots with coffee filters and markers in the library so she took those and glued them to two cardboard displays.
We set the photo booth dot background up in the morning, placed my computer on the table (which just happened to be the one I painted with dots)...
and gathered together a bunch of dress up clothes and fun props.
I saw this tweet from Jessica V Allen in Chile about taking photo booth pictures using Sparkbooth.  I was so excited....This would be perfect.
When you first download Sparkbooth they give you a free trial for 10 days.  I used the trial for this project but have looked into purchasing it for the library and other projects and events.  It is reasonable at $59.00.
When they are ready, set up Sparkbooth and press the space bar.  It has different layouts you can pick from.  We chose the one with four pictures in a row, just like what you see in a photo booth.
When the strip of four pictures is complete, it quickly shows them.  The kids love seeing what they look like....This was fun watching them see how much fun they were having.
You can also view all of the strips or 
one at a time.
Sparkbooth gives you the option to share on Facebook, 
on Twitter,
and by printing them out.  I also took a screen shot of each one.
I love the bigger size of the strips too.  These are perfect to display in the library for making our mark during Dot Day Week.  
 Does anyone recognize any of these silly kids?
Bringing the photo booth to our library is just one more thing that has brought a whole lot of fun to everything else we are doing this week.  And one more reason my job is never boring. Ever. 
You can find Sparkbooth on Twitter at @sparkbooth.
And this Vimeo video gives a great explanation of Sparkbooth and how it works.

Thank you for the photo booth resource Jessica and for creating our photo booth Di.  What fun it has been.


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