Tuesday, September 24, 2013

An Online Art and Technology Dot Day Show With Our Friends In Georgia

At the end of last week, we had one more really awesome connection to celebrate Dot Day!  

My friend Kathy Schmidt and I wanted to connect our students for Dot Day. It is always so much fun seeing and hearing what Kathy is doing in her wonderful library in Georgia. 

As the tweet and picture show above....we had a great time sharing dots during our Skype!
Kathy's 5th graders created beautiful art work.  They all created an unique dot and their art teacher framed them in gold frames just like in Peter Reynold's book The Dot. I love that idea and you could tell that the students were so proud of their art work.
Our 4th graders have been working on Dot Day Haiku Deck photography projects so they were really excited to show their Georgia friends..

You can read about the project here....The 4th Graders Are Making Their Mark For Dot Day With Photography Haiku Deck Projects.
The photographs they have been taking are amazing.....They have really learned a lot about photography, iPhoto, editing, and Haiku Deck throughout this project.  This is one of the first projects they have created using their iPads so that has been great fun too.
The students all loved presenting their projects.
To give them an audience a little bigger than just their own classroom and school really makes a difference and means so much to them.  
Thank you to Mrs. Schmidt and your awesome 5th graders!  We loved having an Art and Technology Dot Day Show with all of you.

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