Monday, September 9, 2013

Look What Happens When Students Do The Flipping!

Today, Mrs. Volk's 3rd graders learned how to play GeoGuessr online.  We are learning about Google Maps and Google Earth so I thought this would be a perfect tie in to our focus during time in the library this week.  

Steve Gagnon, my wonderful friend and teaching partner 1300 miles away in New Hampshire, and I have been connecting the 4th and 5th grade to GeoGuessr and each other during the past week. 

You can read about our first connection here...

Mr. G's Class In New Hampshire Teaches Our 4th Graders In Iowa About GeoGuesser......Let The Games Begin!

At the end of last week, I connected with Steve's awesome 5th graders one morning.  We got to know each other and talked about Dot Day.  I showed them one of my art pieces from high school using pointillism. Then Ben, who is their classroom tweeter at the moment from @mrgclass, talked to me more about GeoGuessr.  

It was Flipped Learning Day and I asked Ben if he would create a flipped lesson for me to teach the students at Van Meter.  He was so excited and said he would love to do that. 
We gave each other a virtual high five...I couldn't wait to see what Ben created.       
Over their lunch hour, Ben and Mr. G used Screenr to capture Ben teaching about GeoGuessr.  He did a wonderful job....I loved how he explained how to use the website while going through the rounds of GeoGuessr.  
You will love watching Ben's lesson on GeoGuessr....You can watch it above or here
To make it really easy for the Van Meter 3rd, 4th and 5th grades, plus the teachers and parents, to get to Ben's lesson, I added it to the Symbaloo webmixes.  The tile just says "Learn About GeoGuessr with Ben" and it is right next to the "GeoGuessr" tile.  

After the 3rd graders learned with Ben, we discussed the website even more.  We talked about distance, landmarks, Google Maps, and so many other topics related to this website and what they were learning in their classroom.  I loved hearing all of the connections they were making.  

As I told them how we would all play a round in GeoGuessr and then compare our total score with everyone, I thought of a way we could easily keep track of our score.  

I would create a Padlet that everyone could collaborate on together! 
I went to Padlet, created a new wall, and then made a tile on the 3rd grade Symbaloo.  

By watching and talking about it with the students as I went, they would definitely know where to locate the link for their Padlet, Our GeoGuessr Scores.
This activity had the third graders completely engaged....They were looking for clues, discussing the pictures with friends, and even looking up places using the internet and books within our library.

We were all learning together while having a really great time too.
During the week, our students will continue to learn about and use GeoGuessr within the library, classrooms, and at home. They will keep adding their scores to the Padlet....I added the link to the 4th and 5th grade Symbaloo as well.

And we would love to invite Ben and his classmates to add their scores to the Padlet too.

The GAME IS ON again for #vmsms!  

Thank you again Ben for teaching all of us about GeoGuessr....You created an amazing video that will be helpful to so many.  :) 

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