Sunday, September 1, 2013

Connecting Our Young People To The eBooks and eResources In MackinVIA

We are now into our fourth week of school at Van Meter.  

In the library, we have been busy learning, creating, reading, and setting up everything we need for another amazing year. 

MackinVIA is a name all of the students and teachers hear often....And one they take home with them too.  MackinVIA is the platform in which the eBooks and eResources within our collection are located. It can be accessed anywhere and on any device.  
Another great thing about MackinVIA is that everyone has their own login.

And with just ONE login, users can view, utilize, and manage all of their eResources.
After logged in, students can add eBooks and other eResources, such as the Britannica or StarWalkKids Media database, to their very own "Backpack."  This is a wonderful way for them to keep the eResources organized and collected the way they want them to be.

You can read more about MackinVIA Backpacks at these two posts from the Van Meter Voice blog last school year....

Getting Our MackinVIA Backpacks Ready To Fill Up On Digital Learning Day!

A Backpack For Their eBooks and Other Resources Within MackinVIA
So Van Meter parents.....Please look for these MackinVIA bookmarks and Backpack cards that are coming home next week with the kids.
Everyone will also get a new card for our AEA username and password for all of our eResources from Heartland AEA too.

Through MackinVIA, our young people are finding one more way to connect with the resources they need.

Please let me know if you ever have any questions too about using MackinVIA and any of the eResources that we have at Van Meter.  I am always happy to help.

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