Tuesday, July 12, 2022

BOOKHUB Delivery & Pickup....A NEW Way To Get Amazing Books & Read Aloud Opportunities To Our Classrooms, Students and Teachers!


I am always looking for new and special ways to bring books, reading and experiences into our classrooms for our teachers and students. Over the last several years, one of the ways we did this was through one of our reading programs, You've Been Book'd. 

We loved this program because it is a way to not only introduce wonderful new picture books to our students and teachers, but a way to continue to build our library collection with a diverse selection of engaging, amazing and very special new books.  

It also gives ownership of the collection to all of our readers, as we remember and cherish the books that we read from the You've Been Book'd bags for years to come.  

You can read all about our You've Been Book'd program here in this post

At the end of the last school year, we decided we needed to mix it up a bit. This year, we are going to kick off several new programs from the library that will continue to get books into our classrooms for special read aloud's, conversations and a way to build on the love of reading that we all want to foster within our library and school community. 
The first one I want to share in this post is called BOOKHUB...Books you'll love, delivered. 
As you can have probably figured out, this is a play on GRUBHUB and something that we started a few years ago during the pandemic as a way for our students and teachers to order books. 

As we kick this off again, we are doing it with a NEW twist! This time, BOOKHUB Delivery will be a way for us to deliver books to the classrooms from our library for teachers to share as read alouds and discussions with their students. 

Let me share how BOOKHUB Delivery will work! 
Each month, I will gather together an awesome set of picture books and chapter books to deliver and share with our classrooms. 

These lists, and graphics, will be separated this year and included in two different BOOKHUB Delivery Menus.  One for picture books and one for chapter books. 
I use PicMonkey for creating collages of book covers. It is easy to create and download with a transparent or colored background. 
Once I have that collage image from PicMonkey, I take it and head to Canva. 
In Canva, I went to the menu templates and decided to go with a blank page and add my own shapes, images and text to the top of the BOOKHUB Menu. 

You can find my image here to copy and use it as your own. 

Teachers can hang the BOOKHUB Menu in their windows so everyone can see them. This will be super helpful for me and my high school cadets who will be helping with daily book deliver and pick up. 
As I shared on the header of the BOOKHUB Menu, teachers and students can place a X over the book covers they read together as a class. This will let us know which books to deliver with their next order. 
I also created a door hanger that each teacher can use to tell us Our class needs a BOOKHUB Delivery or...

....Our class has a BOOKHUB Pickup! 
Once again, I went to Canva to find a Door Hanger template. 

I made one side for BOOKHUB Delivery and one side for BOOKHUB Pickup. You can find these images here in Canva to copy and use as your own. 
I then went to Vistaprint and found they print door hangers.  I was so excited about this because I always love the quality of their work.  
I downloaded the images from Canva and uploaded them into Vistaprint to create a door hanger with a front and back. 

You will find the link here. I can't wait to get these and will share pictures soon.                     
I also wanted to create custom Post-It Notes to put on the books when they are delivered. This will help teachers and students keep track of the BOOKHUB books. 

Since a Post-It Note is square, I created this image in Canva, and then...
...uploaded into the Vistaprint Custom Post-It Notes tool. You will find it here

I can't wait to kick off the BOOKHUB Deliveries and BOOKHUB Menu at Van Meter this fall. 

I hope it is a huge success and gives teachers the opportunity to read even more to their students and to see what we have available within our library collection.  It will also give everyone a chance to be introduced to new authors, illustrators and to a diverse and special collection of books. 
I will be sharing BOOKHUB Delivery with my teacher friends at the Back-to-School Library Orientation event I will host in our library the week before school starts. Each grade level team will sign up a 20 minute block of time where I will share all kinds of wonderful library and technology resources and news as we head into a new school year. 

They will be getting their BOOKHUB Delivery door hangers, BOOKHUB Menu's and their first BOOKHUB Delivery on that day.  Plus, a very special gift to kick off the year too! 
This is just one of the new reading and book programs we are kicking off this fall. 

In the next post, I will share the LIBRARY TAKE OUT program too!  

Please let me know if you have any questions or need extra resources to make BOOKHUB Deliveries happen in your school communities too. I am always happy to help, friends. 

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