Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Blue Skies and Golden Field....Celebrating Ukraine, A Beautiful and Important Upcoming Book From Our Friends At Capstone

Our friends at Capstone have announced a beautiful and important new book coming out this fall.  

It is called Blue Skies and Golden Fields...Celebrating Ukraine. 
Blue Skies and Golden Fields comes out on September 1, 2022. 

As shared online, 

Welcome to the land of sunflowers: Ukraine! From the sandy coasts of the Black Sea to the vibrant capital of Kyiv, this proud nation is full of history, culture, and beauty. Explore the bountiful crops that earned this Eastern European country its nickname, the Breadbasket of the World. Learn more about Ukraine’s unique history—from former Soviet Union republic to independent nation. Then discover some of the country’s most well-known figures, including President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Along with bright, bold photographs, celebrated author Oksana Lushchevska shares the treasures of her beloved home country, taking young readers beyond the headlines and into the heart of Ukraine. 
Oksana Lushchevska is a Ukrainian writer and translator.  She is also an active member of PEN Ukraine, an organization dedicated to protecting the freedom of speech and promoting literature in Ukraine. 

Within the pages of Blue Skies and Golden Fields, 
there are several topics covered as shown in the Table of Contents. 

Woven throughout the book with history, culture, people, facts and more, such as...
....special activities our readers can participate in including How To Plant A Sunflower,  
Coloring Eggs Naturally, and more. 

I love the way this brings our readers into the culture and history of Ukraine as they learn about these wonderful traditions. 
And it is perfectly paired with lots of opportunities for them to learn the history of Ukraine through text and...
...this historic timeline. 
And the best part, Capstone is donating all proceeds from this book through 2025 to the global nonprofit organization UNICEF to help their work with children and families in the Ukraine. 
You will find Blue Skies and Golden Fields: Celebrating Ukraine on the Capstone site here

This is a beautiful and important book for all library and classroom collections, friends. 
It pairs up perfectly with the Ukraine article in PebbleGo too. 

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