Friday, October 22, 2021

Join The Upcoming Follett Webinar, Teaching Tough Topics With Literature


There is an upcoming webinar from our friends at Follett that you won't want to miss, friends. 

Teaching Tough Topic With Literature with Larry Swartz, author and literacy expert, is on November 11, 2021 at 2:00pm CST. 

Educator Larry Swartz will provide an overview of recent literature sources that support the teaching of equity and can be used across a range of curriculum areas and grade levels. He will highlight practical strategies for talk, writing, and arts responses that consider better literacy practices for today’s classrooms. He will also introduce his book Teaching Tough Topics and offer teachers a list of literature sources to consider for classroom use.

In this webinar, participants will discover:

  • Book recommendations for seven tough topics, why the books work and how an educator might use them
  • Opportunities to reflect on what makes a topic tough: What are the tough topics? Why might some topics be considered tough?
  • Introduction to recent examples of children's literature that address tough topics (racism, poverty, gender equality, physical and mental challenges, bullying, kindness) 
  • Practical literacy strategies to build social justice, diversity and equity understanding  
You can register for this free webinar here. It will be recorded and you will sent the recording afterwards too. 

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