Sunday, October 3, 2021

Join Lock-Tober...A Month Long Breakout EDU Celebration Where Learning Is So Fun...It's Scary!


Our friends at Breakout EDU kick off Lock-Tober tomorrow on October 4. It's a month long Breakout EDU celebration where learning is so fun, it's scary! 

As shared on the site, 

Lock-tober offers many opportunities to take a stab at winning some ghoulishly fun prizes! Start each class with our Lock of the Day - a five minute puzzle challenge! In addition, we provide opportunities for your students to help us bring the ultimate Halloween Game to life, just like Frankenstein’s monster!

Let’s unleash their inner creative monster and design their own locks, “We Broke Out” signs, and more! The month ends with the release of the community designed game and our Breakout EDU Spirit Week where you and your classes can win Spooktacular prizes for participating!

To kick it off, October 4-8 is Lock of the Day where we can challenge our students each day with a single lock all themed around Fall Fun.  
You will find Lock-Tober here where you can sign in if you are a member or sign up for free. 

Thank you Breakout EDU friends for creating such a fun month for our kids!  We can't wait. 

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