Thursday, June 25, 2020

Sparking Amazing Engagement With Buncee During Remote Learning & Throughout The Year

One of our goals during remote learning and learning together throughout the school year are finding ways to engage our students in meaningful, creative and fun educational projects and experiences to share what they know and love. 

I loved watching our teachers at Van Meter come up with special ways to engage and include our students and families in learning experiences during our time with remote learning this spring.  It was inspiration to see how they continued to learn and use that knowledge for projects, conversations and to share with others. 
Buncee was one of the best ways we sparked amazing engagement and learning experiences for our students during remote learning and throughout the year. 

I am excited to share one of my favorite projects where we saw this happen with our students. 
Our first graders read Owl At Home during their guided reading time one week.  The teachers then shared...
...the Let's Learn About Owls Choice Board and a video they created to show the students and families how to use this in their Continuous Learning Plans. 
By using the Owl Facts Buncee Template, one of the first grade teachers Kelly Hagen created, the students used what they learned in the choice board to create awesome Buncee's to share with...
pictures and... 
..things they loved about owls. 
You will find their Buncee's on the 1st Grade Owl Facts Buncee Board here.  I know you will love learning from our 1st graders too. 

After the project, Kelly wrote me and was so excited to share, 

Buncee has been the best addition to the 1st grade remote learning lesson plans. They have been so easy to use and the students have really enjoyed doing them! 

We spent two weeks completing a more project based approach to our reading curriculum. The students used choice boards that helped them access sites for research on different ocean animals one week and owls the next. They were then able to put their research into pre-made Buncee templates for them to add their information. Each student was able to add their own unique touches to make their project their own, and their learning really came alive

It was so fun to be able to see the student work and Buncee made it so easy for them to display their learning. 

Buncee is something that we will continue to use inside and outside of the classroom from now on!

I was thrilled to know that Buncee made an impact and difference for learners and for our teachers and families too.  

In fact, this week when I saw the Community Feedback Buncee they created from surveying the community of educators, technology coaches and administrators, I couldn't agree more with what they found. 

Take a look....

at the Community Feedback Buncee here where.... 
...91% of Buncee users find Buncee very helpful in their Remote Learning initiatives,  
96% of Buncee users are highly likely to recommend Buncee to a friend or colleague,  
81% of educators find Buncee easy to use, 78% of educators find Buncee to be a fun and engaging tool for their students and so much more!  

So, as you can see from the story Kelly shared about her first graders, the Community Feedback Buncee, and my own experiences, Buncee is the one stop shop for sparking all kinds of amazing engagement, learning, collaboration, excitement and fun that we all want our students to experience through remote learning and within any learning environment throughout the year. 

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