Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Introducing Our Capstone eBook Library For ALL Campers At Virtual Camp Adventure!

I am super excited to share a very special new part of our Virtual Camp Adventure. 
On the choice board for each week of our Virtual Camp Adventure, I create and include a...
...Buncee that is filled with eBooks from...
...Capstone Interactive.  

The eBooks are focused around the theme of the week as shown in the Week 6 of Virtual Camp Adventure...Camping and Picnics

This week Capstone created a very special collection of 120 eBooks for our campers and families to use throughout the 12 weeks of our virtual camp. 
You will find all 120 Capstone Interactive eBooks we will use throughout the 12 weeks of Virtual Camp Adventure here at this link or by visiting mycapstonelibrary.com using the username: capstonecamp and password: capstone

I went through each weeks Choice Board that we have shared so far and changed the links and login information so they are all set to share and use. 

And I added the login information to each Buncee as you will find here....
...and remember, these are also included on each weeks choice board. 
On the Virtual Camp Adventure site found here, I made a new spot for this information that our campers can click on to take them to the special Capstone eBook Library too. 

Thank you Capstone for being part of our virtual adventures this summer!  We appreciate everything you bring to all students, families and communities. 

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