Friday, June 26, 2020

20 Ways Students Can Use Bitmoji Scenes For Learning!

With all of the fun we, as librarians and educators, are having creating Bitmoji scenes, I started to think about all the ways our students can use them to share and demonstrate their learning in creative, fun and interesting ways too. 
I first got the bug this spring as I started seeing lots of ideas pop up on our Future Ready Librarian Facebook Page

I started creating Bitmoji scenes for my Library and Technology News Google Classroom, the library Google Site to eBooks and digital resources like PebbleGo, and I even created a cute little Bitmoji I Spy scene I turned into a bookmark to send all of my students. It is the one pictured above. 

You can read how I did this here in the post, Creating Bitmoji Bookmarks To Send A Message To Your Students

After talking to some students and the young people in our family, that's when I started to think about how students can use and create Bitmoji scenes for learning. 
For this post, I asked my student, Meridan Boyd, to help me by brainstorming ideas and creating Bitmoji scenes for each one.  This is what she had to share, 

I had a ton of fun doing these! This is something that I will continue doing throughout school as a fun, new, and creative way to present information. For example, I would definitely use this for a choir reflection. It would make the process of creating it a lot more enjoyable, while also making reading it more entertaining for Ms Lindell, VM's Choir Director. 

On that note, let's get started! 
1. Composer Research, as Meridan shared for a choir reflection.

2. Virtual book shelves of what they are reading. They could even create book reviews with Flipgrid and attach them to each book to make it interactive.

3. Create a scene of the wood shop and show how they made something step-by-step

4. Interactive art portfolio showcasing art work done throughout a unit or all year long.  It can even be a multiple page Bitmoji scene that can be added to year after year. 
5. Physics Lab Questions

6. Writing journal or diary

7. Have students create library marketing pieces....bookmarks, choice boards, virtual book displays, special event Bitmoji scenes, etc...

8. Create a virtual band sharing Bitmoji's playing instruments, along with actual videos of instruments being played
9. Character Analysis (or even a book report)

10. Physical Education journal or diary

11. Foreign Language journal or story

12. Use Bitmoji scenes for special events at school such as sporting events, music concerts, back-to-school night, etc... Students would have so much fun creating these with the teachers Bitmoji's.
13. Retelling historical events...and sharing current events

14. Sharing a recipe or documenting a food lab through step-by-step Bitmoji instructions

15. When created in Google Slides, students can collaborate with one another to create Bitmoji scenes.  This could be done within the classroom or school....even virtually with other schools and communities too.

16. Create a vision board
17. Life Cycle of a Star and other scientific topics 

18. Math explanations

19. Write a children's book for younger students

20. Create Bitmoji scenes to keep track of volunteer work through high school

And so much more!  

The sky is the limit in how Bitmoji scenes can be used for learning.  I cannot wait to use these ideas and see what other ideas our students come up with too! 

I would love to hear your ideas too,  friends.  

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