Monday, March 20, 2023

Find The Special Digital Learning Day Webinar, Connecting Students To Learning Through Digital Tools, Here.


We celebrated Digital Learning Day on March 15th with one of the BEST webinars! 

On this special webinar, Connecting Students to Learning Through Digital Tools, I welcomed...

  • BreakoutEDU, @breakoutEDU
  • MERGE Edu, @mergeedu
  • News Literacy Project, @NewsLitProject 
  • StickTogether, @byStickTogether
  • Novel Effect, @Novel_Effect
  • Scratch, @scratch
  • Boddle, @BoddleLearning
  • PebbleGo Create, @Buncee
  • Follett, @FollettLearning
  • Sphero, @Sphero
  • The Achievery,  @ATTimpact, #TheAchievery

You can watch the webinar here

In the webinar, I shared the Digital Learning Day Webinar Collection by Destiny filled with all of the slides, links and resources our amazing guests shared.  You can use this as a place to find everything you need for bringing these digital tools and resources to your school and libraries. 

I also created this Padlet for anyone to share digital tools, ideas and resources for making connections and personalizing learning for ALL students every day, everywhere. Please feel free to share on our Padlet and use it too. 

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