Friday, March 17, 2023

7 Virtual Stickerboards To Share & Create With Your Students To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day!


It's St. Patrick's Day! 

Our friends at StickTogether have 7 Virtual Stickerboards to help us celebrate! 
You will find them here on StickTogether's amazing new website.
Once you click on Create Virtual Stickerboard, you will find the St. Patrick's Virtual Stickerboards on the March 2023 page here.

Also, if virtual stickerboards are new to you, check out my blog post about how they work.  

We always have so much fun creating and collaborating on the Virtual Stickerboards. And one of the best parts...they are FREE for everyone. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day, friends.  Have a wonderful day celebrating. 

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