Monday, March 20, 2023

A Choice Board For Ramadan with PebbleGo, Capstone eBooks, Crafts, StickTogether & More!

Ramadan is celebrated March 22 to April 21, 2023. I put together a choice board as a place for our students to read, listen, create and collaborate as they learn about Ramadan. 
First, I added the PebbleGo article about Ramadan. 
I also added two Capstone Interactive eBooks that our students can read and listen to about Ramadan.
It's always fun to add a few places for our students to create like these two crafts they can do at school or even at home with their families. 
Finally, I couldn't wait to add StickTogether to our Ramadan choice board!  

In the March Virtual Stickerboard Gallery, you will find three choices for Ramadan. 
I took one of these images and created a special Ramadan Virtual Stickerboard for everyone at our school to collaborate on together. 

I set it so each student can put on 10 stickers each day. I will keep an eye on them and when they finish one, I will start another Virtual Stickerboard with one of the other Ramadan images. 
And I am so excited for the last activity on the choice board! 

Our students can create their own Ramadan lantern in the StickTogether Pixel Art site. This is FREE for everyone to use and you can find it here to use with your students too.  
If you'd like to make a copy of the Ramadan choice board, you will find the link here

Once you make a copy and make your changes, go to Edit and click on Publish to the Web. That is the link you will share with your students. 

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