Thursday, October 8, 2020

Lots of NEW Additions To Shannon's Choice Board Gallery For All To Use

I have been creating a lot of choice boards around all kinds of topics, themes, events and our curriculum at Van Meter.  

I am happy to share these and have in posts on my blog over the last several months.  And today, I was thinking, I should bring them together in one place to make it easy for everyone to find and for me to access them quickly too with our teachers, students and families.  

So, I created a Padlet called Shannon's Choice Board Gallery and will start adding them under topics like Monthly Choice Boards (new this week), Makerspace and Art, Our Virtual Camp Adventures, Library Lessons, Special Events, 
Literacy, Social Studies, Virtual Field Trips, Science and I will add more today too. 

You can find and follow the new Padlet here. I will add the editable link too, which will allow you to make changes for your school community. 

Have fun, friends. 

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