Sunday, October 25, 2020

Halloween Can-You-Find-It Buncee Project...A Fun & Creative Writing Project For The Week!

To celebrate Halloween with our 2nd graders, we are going to do a fun Halloween Buncee creative writing project based on the...
...Can-You-Find-It and Spot-It Challenge series from our friends from Capstone and iSpy books by Jean Marzollo and Walter Wick. 

To kick off the project on Monday, I will share this choice board where I pulled together a few things to introduce the project.  
First, I found a super cool video about how Walter Wick makes iSpy books.  
I also added links to his website where the students will be able to see in more detail how he creates the pages in the books. 
For this project, the students will be creating their very own Halloween Can-You-Find-It Buncee by choosing 5-10 different objects of various numbers that will be included throughout their Buncee. 

I created an example Buncee to show the kids.  One page is my Halloween Can-You-Find-It Buncee...
..and the second page shares what they will be finding. 
I really love how the Capstone Spooky Sights, A Can-You-Find-It book by Sarah L. Schuette shows the different items they are looking for in each page spread.  
You can find Spooky Sights and 7 others in this series here.

I did something similar in my Halloween Can-You-Find-It Buncee here. Feel free to use this as an example. 
Once they have created their Buncee's, they will add them to the Halloween Can-You-Find-It Buncee Board. 

To do this, they click on Share in the right hand corner. 
They can copy the link to share on the Buncee Board or... on Share To Boards and put in...
...the code that we will provide them. 
Once they have put in that code, it will tell them they have shared successfully and give them a chance to click on View Buncee Board to...
...see what all of the other 2nd graders are creating too. 
They will even be able to leave reactions and comments.  This is one of their favorite parts. 

If you would like to view the choice board I created for this project, you can find it here as students will see it or feel free to make a copy to use with resources you have too. 

Have a wonderful week celebrating Halloween in creative and fun ways, friends. 

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