Friday, July 17, 2020

Posters To Use For Helping Students and Teachers Hold A Book In Destiny

One way students and teachers can find and checkout books from our library is through Destiny. 

As they find books they'd like to checkout and read, they can place holds on books that are in the library or on books that are currently checked out to another student or teacher.  
With our system of using our BOOKHUB order and delivery in the fall, placing holds on books in Destiny will be even more useful and important for our students, teachers and classrooms as a whole. 

To help everyone with this procedure, I have created posters that we will put up in every classroom, share on our library and continuous learning site and during the library orientation I do with all students and teachers during the first week back to school. 

Here are a few choices that you can use too....
You will find all three posters in this new Destiny Posters and Presentations for Students, Teachers and Schools Google Drive folder here.  As I create more assets to use with our communities, I will add them to this Google Drive Folder, so add it to your Drive to have it too. 

You can also find the posters here in Canva where you can use to make a copy of the template to change things for your library and community.

My library orientation Google Slides will be added soon, along with a video tutorial I have a few students helping produce. 

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