Sunday, July 5, 2020

Our Virtual Makerspace Is Open!

Welcome to Our Virtual Makerspace where you can create, imagine, read, learn, discover and more.  And one of the best parts...It's open all day long!  Have fun, friends.

Our students love all of the special things Makerspaces bring to them within libraries, classrooms and school communities.  With the summer here, I wanted to create a virtual Makerspace where they could experience art, building, coding, designing, engineering, music, reading and more.

I put the virtual Makerspace together in a choice board format where kids and families can make choices what they want to do by clicking on the image within 24 different boxes.  It can be shared as the embedded slide above or through the link to Our Virtual Makerspace here
All of the sites and resources are open and free for everyone to use, including the three Capstone eBooks under Read.  In fact, these are three of books from the Adventures in Makerspace series I wrote with Blake Hoena and Capstone.  I included the username and password on the choice board.
I also created a new Collection by Destiny filled with all of the resources from the choice board. 

As I find more wonderful Makerspace sites and resources, I will add another page to Our Virtual Makerspace choice board and Collection by Destiny.  Please let me know if you have some that I should include...I would love to know about them. 

I am excited to share this with my students and families at Van Meter and can't wait to see what they create, learn and share.  I hope you have fun sharing it with your students too. 

And if you want to make a copy to make changes, just click here friends.

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