Sunday, July 12, 2020

Buncee Library Book Menus Are Here!

As we all think about going back to school and how we will get books into the hands of our students, we are dreaming up creative and fun ways to make this successful and meaningful for all readers. 
Ideas are being shared on social media, in blog posts and in webinars. One of my favorites was from my dear friend, Jennifer Malphy, who is the 4K-12 teacher librarian at Kickapoo Area Schools. 
She shared the Kickapoo Library Book Menu that she created in Buncee. It is so cute! Her students will fill this out and she will make up book bags to deliver to the classrooms each week.  Jennifer will also change and rotate the different selections that she has available to the students. 
You can now find Jennifer's Library Book Menu in the Buncee Ideas Lab here.
After I saw this her idea, I was inspired to create one for our students at Van Meter. 
I found a Buncee Background that I loved in the Library Backgrounds and used that to create the Van Meter Library Menu Buncee that I will print off and have the students fill out each week.
If I save the Buncee, I can also print four on a page in black and white, which will save paper too.  
You will find the Buncee I created here.  This will allow you to make a copy and edit for your students and library.

Our amazing friends at Buncee also created two Library Book Menu template that we can use.  
When you click on Create a New Buncee
this screen will pop up and you will find the two as circled above. 
You can make any change that you....
...want to make it work for your school and library too. 

The possibilities are endless on how we create our Library Book Menus using Buncee.  You can share them digitally or print them off; you can add video or voice; you can add photographs of your library and book sections; you can make these for any grade; and so much more. 

Thank you Jennifer for this wonderful idea!  I love how we are being positive and creative about how we will keep our libraries open and continuing to serve all readers.  

We got this, friends. 

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