Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Week 1 of Virtual Camp Adventure! Let's See Where Imagination Will Take Them!

It's time to kick off our Virtual Camp Adventure!  

This week, we are focusing on the topic of Imagination. When you go to the special website
you will find the choice board for Week 1.  You can also find it here.  

On this special choice board, you will find places for your students and families to explore as they read, draw, play, cook, create music, stay healthy and more.
On the website, I also created a Collection by Destiny for the Virtual Camp Adventure that you will find....
 ...here.  I will add each weeks choice board and other resources including the Google Site, bookmark, flyer and more.
In the Week 1 choice board, they will find the Week 1 of Virtual Camp Adventure Buncee filled with Capstone Interactive eBooks that everyone has free access to at home.
I shared this with my students and families in a variety of places including email, our library Facebook and other social media, the library website and I even changed the header on our Destiny Discover.  I will do that each week. 

I hope you share this with your students and families for a fun first week of Virtual Camp Adventure. Let's see where their imaginations will take them! 

And if you'd like to make changes to the choice board, you will find an editable copy here.


  1. I love it and want to share with my students. However, I can't get the capstone books to open. When I click on the book I get an enlarged cover but can't go anywhere from there. What am I do ing wrong? Is there a sharing setting that needs changed? I have the username and password but no place to enter it.

    1. Hi there. You will see a little link on each book...click on that and it will take you to the Capstone Interactive eBook. :)

  2. I absolutely love everything about this design and activities! Thank you for sharing! I want to share this out with families, but we are currently working on the "free until June 30" user name and password. I subscribe to Pebble Go and Next but don't have e books with them. Do you know if there is a way around this access issue? Thanks again for sharing another great idea and allowing others to utilize it! It is greatly appreciated!!

  3. Thank you for this awesome resource! I am not very computer savvy and I can not figure out how to copy the graphic for the choice board. I wanted to add it to my Destiny Discover header, but I can only get the link and not the graphic. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!