Thursday, May 28, 2020

My Symbaloo Webinar Recording and All Resources Are Live! You Will Find Them Here, Friends!

Yesterday,  I had so much fun presenting, Using Symbaloo for Remote Learning, Summer Reading and Beyond
I presented this webinar with Bryan Hurtado, from Symbaloo.  He did an amazing job at explaining the in's and out's of Symbaloo, while I shared the importance of curation and how Symbaloo helps me, as a teacher librarian, within our district throughout the year, especially now as we think about remote learning and summer reading.
On this page from the Symbaloo Blog, you will find the recording of our webinar and...
...additional resources we shared, including the...
 ...Google Slides presentation...
....and the special new space for Symbaloo Webspace for  Future Ready Librarians that you can follow here.

This is just a beginning for the Future Ready Librarian Webspace, as we fill it together with resources, collaboration and conversations around Future Ready Librarians and education.

After you look through the resources and watch the webinar, please let me know what questions you have and how I can help you.  I love Symbaloo and the difference it has made for my community. 

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