Monday, May 18, 2020

A Fun Way To Celebrate With PebbleGo Throughout the Year....PebbleGo Holiday Calendars!

As a librarian and teacher, I love following and tying in special holidays and events throughout the year.

And as I get ready for summer reading and learning, this is super important too. 
One place I go to find these calendars is to the Promotional Materials page on PebbleGo. 
Here you will find all of the calendars from the beginning of the year, which are fun to look at while planning throughout the year.
And today when I looked, I was excited to find the NEW calendar for June 2020 Holidays. 

I will be incorporating these into the virtual summer reading and learning camp I am planning for our students.  You will find them on Capstone's PebbleGo site here to use too.


  1. Are you planning to make a Week 9 Pebble Go Adventure ?

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  2. Hi there....I am actually starting a new summer program next Monday around PebbleGo, PebbleGo, Capstone Interactive and more! :)