Saturday, June 30, 2018

Good News To Share....I Am Heading Back To The Van Meter School Library This Fall!

I have some good news that I just can't wait to share any longer!  

This fall, I am heading back to Van Meter Community School as the K12 teacher librarian. 
As many of you know, I served as the K12 teacher librarian at Van Meter for 8 years. It was filled with so many amazing memories, events, opportunities and as the place where I learned how to be a teacher librarian with the special students, teachers and families in our community and with others around the world.  

For the last three years, I had the opportunity to grow even more as a librarian, educator and as a professional in the library and education world.  
I serve as the Future Ready Librarian Spokesperson with my friend and colleague Mark Ray.  I can't wait to take the Future Ready Librarian work back to the Van Meter Library and expand it even more.
It will be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and grow Future Ready Librarians within our library, along with the work I will continue with Follett and the Alliance of Excellent Education too.  I am excited to share this knowledge! 
I have also grown as an author and will continue to share my first series, The Library Skills, from Cantata Learning and.... new series, Adventures in Makerspace, from Capstone, with the students at Van Meter and others. 
Bill Bass and I are currently working on Leading from the Library with ISTE that we will finish up this summer.  
And of course, I will continue to share my work and thoughts on my blog, The Library Voice, in Capstone Community and within other forums. 
I have learned so much as a speaker and consultant working with library, school district, educational technology and leadership groups within the United States and internationally.
I can't wait to bring this knowledge, experience and tons of ideas back to our library and school. 
To make this news even more exciting, I am going to be partnering up in the library with my friend, and fellow redhead, Jessica Rabe, who most recently taught high school reading at Van Meter. We will both be K12 teacher librarians serving all of our students, teachers and families together, along with our amazing associate Diana Hockenberry. 

In the weeks to come, we will have lots to share.  To get started, please follow us on....
 Twitter at @vmlibraryvoice,
Instagram at @vmlibraryvoice and Snapchat at @vmlibraryvoice.  
We also have the new Van Meter Library Facebook Page you can follow here.

I couldn't be more excited and happy to be back in the library at Van Meter with Jessica, Diana and everyone in our community.  We are ready to make a big difference! 

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