Wednesday, June 6, 2018

We Can Search Collections by Destiny By Owners Name Now!

I love looking at all of the awesome Collections by Destiny that everyone has been creating over the school year and during the summer.  I have gathered so many new resources and ideas by looking at the Public Collections and seeing others post them on social media and blog posts.  

Well, guess what? 

Today, our friends at Follett, have made searching for Collections created by others super easy.  We can now search Collections by the owners name! 

When you are in Public Collections, just click on a Collection owners name like I show in the image above.  When you click on a Collection owners name, or my name as shown here, 
all of the Collections by Shannon Miller, or the person that you are searching, will pop up. 

You can see that all Collections by Shannon Miller are shown above now!  It is that easy. 
 And remember, once you do find a Collection that you like, you can make a Copy and....
add it to your Destiny Collections too. 
It also allows us to Create a PDF, which includes the resource image, link and even a QR code that points to the resource.  

This makes collaboration between us, as librarians and teachers, within our community and throughout the world even easier and more meaningful. 
You can read more about What's New In Collections on the Follett site here

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